Our Staff Team

At Simba’s Den we are extremely proud of our staff team who show love, care and dedication to the nursery. We strongly believe that in order to maintain a quality provision caring for our staff is as important as caring for the children, and this ethos creates a culture of support.

Staff are supported through regular staff meetings, supervisions and opportunities to train. At nursery we regularly participate in research projects which enable us to learn and strengthen aspects of our provision.

Please meet our team:

Management and Office Staff:

Samantha Butterwick (Owner)

Jodie Butterwick (Manager)

Kayleigh Devlin (Deputy Manager) 

Kimberley Maddox (Senior Support Worker)

Mirae (Moz) Parkhouse (Office Administrator) 

Pre-School and Forest School Staff: 

Laura McGill (Pre-School Leader)

Chris Lattimore (Outdoor Nursery Nurse) 

Mary Burton (Forest School Leader)


Joann Robinson (Deputy Forest School leader)

Toddler Staff: 

Nicola Parsons (Toddler Leader)

Paige Deverelle (Nursery Nurse)

Allison Snowden (Nursery Assistant) 

Baby Room Staff: 

Lauren Clarke (Baby Room Leader)

Demi Garvey (Nursery Nurse)

Support Staff:

Danielle Brown (Nursery Nurse, pre-school and baby room)

Lucy Horne (Nursery Nurse, lunch cover)

Kitchen Staff:

Karen Butterwick (Nursery Chef)


Jake Adams (furniture maker and best ‘fixer’) –  named by the children!