Mark (Parent):  “My 14month old son has come on so well. He has a good group of friends and the staff have been amazing with his self-confidence. I couldn’t ask for anything more from them. My son is always happy when I pick him up, and it’s lovely to receive photos throughout the day to see what he’s doing. They know what he likes to play with and have an excellent bond with him. I wouldn’t send him anywhere else.”

Kayleigh (Parent): “I fell in love with Simba’s even before Alice was born and they have not let me down. Alice is nearly two and I can pretty much have a conversation with her, she can do sign language and will try any food that is put in front of her – I strongly believe this is down to the staff and children at Simba’s Den and I look forward to watching my little girl develop into one of the other bright polite children I see at nursery – great job guys keep it up.”

Sarah (Parent): “Brilliant nursery! My two have come on so much since being at Simba’s Den! All the staff are friendly and great with the children. Couldn’t ask for a better nursery for my two. Harvey is more than ready for school in September and that’s all down to the staff preparing him! Letters and sounds classes are a big hit too.”

Jacob (parent): “I couldn’t ask for more from a nursery than what Simba’s Den provides. My two children have both thrived from the environment and staff. We have to drive some distance to enable us to use Simba’s Den but it is truly worth it – they are safe, happy, content and extremely well cared for.”

James (parent): “I love the smallness and closeness of Simba’s, the staff are just brilliant and I feel like I am leaving my daughter with friends rather than at a nursery; just priceless.”

Marie (parent): “I love the small personal feel Simba’s give, the hours are good and the staff are so friendly and enthusiastic about the nursery; they obviously love their jobs and the setting. I wish my son could stay in this setting forever.”

Karen (parent): “A wonderful little nursery! My little boy loves coming here and always gives a big smile when we pull up outside 🙂 staff are friendly and attentive and there is lots of opportunity for time outside and fun activities to keep the children stimulated. So glad we found this place.”

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