Our Achievements

Ofsted outstanidngAt Simba’s Den we have a lot to be proud of, our team of dedicated staff are committed to providing the best outcomes for the children in our care.

Please browse through a few of our proudest moments:

The East Northamptonshire Heart Beat Award for our commitment to producing healthy menus for our children in a safe and hygienic environment.

5 out of 5 stars for award for food hygiene consecutively since we opened.

We were really pleased that Ofsted were so complimentary about our nursery.

The inspector commented (February 2010):

“The most homely setting I have had the pleasure of inspecting.”

“Well done you have all the foundations to be an outstanding setting.”

“It’s such a great location and has a lovely feel, the children seem so happy.”

The Inspector wrote:

“Very good policies and procedures are being established to meet children’s welfare and their learning and developmental needs. The owner of the nursery is also the manager, she is well qualified and communicates clear aims and intentions to offer children and parents a high quality provision.”

“Children are very much valued as individuals by staff. This is supported by the comprehensive system of observing and assessing the children in order to plan for the individual needs. All children choose from a varied range of fun activities that covers all areas of their development. Babies and very young children develop a keen desire to explore because of the stimulating environment organised for them. Planning for the children is very much based upon their interests and abilities and children learn more effectively as a result.”

In our inspection from Northamptonshire County Council (January 2014) the inspector wrote:

“The setting has gone from strength to strength this year with the extension of the outdoor area and the construction of a ‘snuggle den’ in the corner facilitating more open ended and small group work. The children were highly engaged in the outdoor play experiences and most chose to take their snack outside in order to continue with their play. The child’s voice was respected and used to inform the design of the new outdoor environment. Waterproof suits and boots allow children to access the area in most weathers and the staff have a real passion for outdoor learning and enjoy being outside as much as the children.”

“The indoor environment is equally as stimulating with highly trained and skilled practitioners offering a range of learning experiences which are stimulating, motivate children to engage but are also fun to participate in.”

In our most recent inspection from Ofsted we received an outstanding grade across all aspects of the nursery. (Janaury 2015):

The inspector commented:

“You have a clear passion for the Early Years and this shines through”

“The staff are so well supported”

“All the children beam with confidence”

The inspector wrote:

“The quality of teaching throughout the nursery is outstanding. Staff plan an exceptional range of high-quality learning experiences for children both inside and outside. As a result, all children are excited and highly motivated to explore and show a real enthusiasm for learning”

“Children’s independence and decision-making skills are adeptly supported because the staff fully involve them in the planning of their activities and enable them to be confident to choose what they want to do.”

“The staff work extremely well together and are excellent role models for the children. The nursery is a relaxed and fun environment where each child is respected and valued.”

“Children benefit greatly from activities in the woodland environment where they are highly motivated to explore and show a great interest in the nature around them”

“Children’s well-being is very well supported through the exceptional care arrangements that are planned with parents. New children settle quickly as the staff provide them with time to explore the environment gradually. Staffing is consistent, so children are very familiar with their key person, seeking them out for reassurance when needed. Children’s care needs, such as feeding, are carried out by the main carers and this supports children’s emotional security very well.”

For our full inspection report please click here.

Inspection moderation from Northamptonshire County Council (February 2015) – focusing on our assessment and learning progression of the children the inspector wrote:

“Observation and assessment procedures are strong and well organised. There are effective monitoring systems in place and the staff team are extremely well supported by the manager. Children are making good strong progress, and in some cases, accelerated progress towards the early learning goals.”