The Main Room

In our main room we take children from the age of 2 until school.  The most important thing we do with our main room is let the children decide. We closely observe the children and arrange our room to support their current topic led play. Our space strongly encourages collaboration, communication and exploration. The space respects children as ‘capable’ and the environment is their third teacher. As adults we ensure we provide children with authentic materials & tools to complement their interests and abilities. The children also learn, alongside the adults for support, to respect the environment and care for their play space.

The children in the main room have access to a variety of different areas; all carefully planned and set up to encourage development. There is a balance each day between adult led, child initiated and free play. This balance helps and supports all children; who are able to access the inside and outside stations throughout the day in accordance to our free flow method. At the age of two onwards your child will be striving for independence and it is our job to make sure this is supported and that the right activities are offered to support this stage.

How does our day look? Each day is different but follows a familiar structure as outlined below.

In the morning children are welcomed by staff into the nursery and the children have the opportunity to place any ‘important’ belongings from home in their individual trays. Once welcomed the children can have a rolling breakfast which is focused on self-service; and then choose a variety of activities to play with ranging from small world, role play, mark making and craft.

After breakfast some staff will set up adult focused activities relating to our children’s current interests, other staff will leave the space free for children’s choice. Throughout free choice time children also have access to the self-service water and snack station.

Lunch time is at 12:00 and is served by Karen (lots of the children call her Nanny Karen the best cook in town). The children wash their hands and collect their name card. The focus during meals is based on replicating a traditional family meal, with staff able to eat with the children if they wish. Food times are very much about us coming together as a family and talking about our days so far.

After lunch there is free play opportunity until just after 1:00pm when the toddlers who sleep go for a rest in the snuggle den and the pre-school have a registration and optional small group time before engaging in activities until tea.

After tea free play and topic activities continue until home time. Children have a variety of pick up times ranging from 1:00pm until 5.30pm. At pick up time staff bring children out to parents and say their goodbyes. A member of staff posts our daily board to the online journal system which includes all meal times and activities which have been enjoyed throughout the day. In addition you will receive observations of assessed activities throughout the week.

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