In our baby room we take a maximum of 6 babies each day. We have three consistent staff working across the baby room to ensure continuity of care. Each of our staff look after a maximum of three babies, our third staff member covers lunches, holidays and lends a helping hand with extra activities such as outings and messy play. This means that your child will always be given the individual care and attention required. Each baby has their own equipment (such as low chairs, cots and bedding) and a belongings basket, which is personal to them throughout their time at the nursery. Each item will be clearly labelled with a laminated picture and ‘all about me’ sheet before your child’s arrival. This process of recognition will be important to your child during their time at Simba’s Den.

Our specially designed sleep/ quiet room will ensure that your child will be able to rest according to their own routine and our meal times can be adapted to suit individual requirements.

Our main play room and sleep room is designed with a strong Reggio influence. We believe strongly that the environment in which children are cared for should be naturally beautiful to aid development. Typically baby rooms are bright noisy and cluttered with lots of primary colour’s and plastic toys. However, research has shown that these environments are extremely uninspiring to babies and can actually cause stress and frustration. At Simba’s we recognize our environment for its potential to inspire children. Our environment is filled with natural light, order and beauty. You will see our open spaces free from clutter, where every material is considered for its purpose, every corner is ever-evolving to encourage children to delve deeper and deeper into their interests. Our environment is therefore also ever changing in accordance to children’s current development and play topics.

Throughout the nursery day, alongside exploring and play topics our babies are taught baby sign language. The ability to communicate early through sign is an important factor for all babies and is proven to reduce frustration. We introduce sign slowly through a sign of the month and fun sing and sign group times.

In addition to sign times our babies have regular access to the outside area; sometimes taken as a group of 6 other times taken in smaller groups depending on the age of the children. The babies have their own under shelter cosy area and a ‘snuggle den’ (named by our toddlers) with sensory natural experiences to explore.

Our babies do take part in outings around the village and participate in baby forest school on a Thursday morning. We have triple pushchairs to enable our staff to take babies out regularly and each baby has their own trespass snowsuit to wear during outside play (provided by the nursery).

We ask for hygiene reasons that all adult shoes are taken off before entering our baby room so that babies can crawl around freely on our floor hygienically. All of our floors at Simba’s Den are laid with natural oak wood and benefit from underfloor heating (including the snuggle den outside).

At the end of each session parents are fed back to about all aspects of the day, including enjoyed activities and care routines. Nappy times and feed times (both milk and solid foods) are recorded in detail. Our nursery provides nappies, wipes and formula milk. For children who are weaning Karen, our Kitchen chef (nicknamed nanny Karen by the majority of children) devises an individual weaning menu based on what your child has previously tried at home. In addition to the feedback staff send you regular observations to an online learning journey throughout the day (they are wonderful to receive when you are at work).

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