Red Nose Day

Red Nose Day

Red Nose Day Adventure

In a bid to continue our ‘eco’ ethos at nursery, we decided to ditch the plastic and instead use face paint to create our red noses.

The red noses you buy from the shops cost £1.25 each with comic relief only receiving 65p of this! The children loved this activity and the massive bonus was that all the money raised went directly to comic relief.

During face painting we continued to talk about the recycling and being kind to the environment. This led to loads of ideas about what we can do to help the planet, including walking instead of using a car, re using food for compost and recycling.

Throughout the day we also enjoyed using red play-dough to put red noses on different faces, baking cakes and creating lots of amazing pictures to display.

The staff took the opportunity to talk to the children about comic relief and read lovely stories which discussed differences/ comic relief in age appropriate way.

What a busy but lovely day in the Den.