Our nativity December 2014

Our nativity December 2014

This year for our nativity play we decided to extend our Reggio knowledge and put all of our faith into the children to write their own play!

Each year at Christmas the pre-school perform a play that we have chosen; we have a staff meeting to decide best suited characters, songs and the plot. This year we thought why not let the children decide?

In November, whilst eating our lunch I turned to the pre-school to say “what would you like to do for your Christmas play?” Toby H (4:2) said “I know let’s do it on Fizz”, “who is Fizz?” I asked. “He is a very cheeky little elf that never does as he was told” – that was Toby’s part sorted.

With our main character in place group times, lunch times and play times were based around the discussion of our Christmas play and to our delight the pre-school just thrived from being able to give ideas and write their own story. “I want to be a cheeky snowman” said George (4:2). “I want to be Father Christmas” said Rylee (3:6) and “we want to be elves too” said Orla (3:6), Zara (3:3) and Olivia (4:2).

Our play was official; Fizz, the three elves, a cheeky snowman and Father Christmas.

The children each day would add to the story and chose the songs to perform. They really did so well and I must admit it was one of the best plays on record at Simba’s Den.

A huge thank you to all children, staff and the local community!