Our Approach

At Simba’s Den our approach is simply what we call ‘the Simba’s way’. When I started working in childcare and completed my first qualification over 10 years ago I can remember thinking that the early years significantly lacked ‘professionalism’ of any kind. I have always questioned why the early years has lacked self-importance. And whilst with the emergence of degrees in Early Years and subsequently the Early Years Teacher Status has helped to slightly bridge that gap; I still feel we are somewhere behind other professionals in our field.

However, us in the early years have a lot to be proud of and all of us that work in childcare will all stand up and agree that we are professionals and that our field carries as much importance as all the other great services that help, support and teach children.

You don’t have to look too far before stumbling across some fantastic philosophies which; in my opinion should be studied in depth and understood in every early year’s qualification. At Simba’s we take the parts from a variety of theories and incorporate them into the ‘Simba’s way’. My two favorite theories and how they have influenced our nursery follow.