Mark Making

Mark Making

Mark making

Something every early years practitioner gets asked, when will my child write? Writing is always such a big topic, particularly on the run up to school.

My tip to get children to write; never ask a child to write, asking a child to write can put them off, creates stress and formalizes a naturally developing skill. Our role as educators is to provide engaging and fun play based opportunities which encourage all forms of mark making, at the child’s pace. This way we will create a life long love of writing and we see children thrive.

By providing activities which are child led children and practitioners become immersed which creates deeper learning process.

Facilitating play, creating environments and asking open ended questions provide rich opportunities which encourage those pre-writing and writing skills.

Do not concentrate too early on letter formations or pencil grip, these will come naturally as the child is ready. Instead model holding a pencil and let your child see you write at every opportunity – switch your electronic devices for the paper and pen method.

Provide letters in the environment and don’t forget pencil grip is hard on little hands so leave mark making out so children can take a rest and go back to it when they are ready!

If your brave enough, try mark making on different surfaces.

This week the children have enjoyed large scale drawing inside, and Chris has created (with the help of Jake) and mark making station outside after observing how many children use writing through play!

I wonder if there is ever an image that shouts ‘early years’ more than free;y creating in a white princess wedding dress?