Graduation 2014

Graduation 2014

August is always a sad time for us at Simba’s Den; it’s time to say good bye to our pre-school children as they leave for big school! Each year on the last weekend in August we hold a graduation to say good bye; the full nursery is invited to the village centre for the ceremony (lots of tears from the staff & parents!).

We begin the graduation with an opening ceremony which is a dance choreographed by our pre-school ballet children. The children choose the theme and song; this year it was frozen and the song choice was ‘let it go’. The younger children learnt the song and sang during the performance. August was filled with making magic wands, painting final pictures of the steam, creating decorations and practicing for the races.

After the opening ceremony the races begin and is always filled with lots of laughter and smiles especially the baby/ toddler race! Then the Mum’s and Dads have a go….

To end we present each preschool child with their folders, achievements and art work! They always beam with pride and it’s such a lovely moment for all.

We then celebrate with a traditional village picnic; every parent brings a dish to enjoy and we set up soft play for the children!

Well done to our pre-school and farewell to you all! Thank you for making Simba’s so special.

Huge thank you to Mat (Ben’s Daddy) for the fantastic pictures.