Our Forest School Site

forest school websiteAll of our children have the opportunity to visit the forest. We are very fortunate to have our own private site located in the village. We use cargo bikes to transport the children to and from the forest, which adds to the adventure.

When in the forest children have a variety of activities to explore; some are continuous provisions such as magic potions and den building. Other activities are adult led and relates to child led themes; for example animal tracking or winter wonderland activities. We cook our own snack at the forest such as hot dogs, soup, beans and spaghetti hoops with bread.

The children also have the option to engage in free play and enjoy a reflection time at the end. Throughout the session children engage in risk-benefit analysis and learn very quickly to assess risks as a group.

Children do engage in tool work if appropriate for current interests – this is a ┬áled by a qualified staff member.


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