The Weaning Process & Special Dietary Requirements

The weaning process is a very important time for babies who will be enjoying their ‘first’ tastes and getting to grips with a variety of new flavours. We create an individual weaning menu for each baby at Simba’s Den. Karen provides a special menu which is based upon a tick sheet we ask parents to fill in each week until you are confident to move onto the main menu. We ask that each food is tried three times at home before we try at nursery and the baby room staff will feed back in detail how the foods were enjoyed!

When children have special dietary requirements we cater for these needs very sensitively and work in close partnership with parents. We separate dietary requirements into three main categories;

1. A dietary preference (based on home or religious beliefs)
2. A food intolerance
3. A food allergy

Working closely with parents we ask that a food form is filled out in detail and we put a health care in plan if necessary (for example the use of piriton or an epi pen). Karen will also have a discussion with you on how to best adapt the menu and food choices to ensure full inclusion at all times. We aim to re-create the same dish with a slight twist, for example by using free from foods.

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