cookery snowmen (2)Our cookery class takes place each Wednesday and is led by one of our senior staff members Jodie who has worked at Simba’s since we first opened. Jodie is very keen on baking and at weekends creates the most wonderful cakes and sugar craft models.

Cookery began after one Christmas when Jodie wanted to create a Gingerbread house with the pre-school to display at the nativity party. Jodie planned 6 weeks of activities including making gingerbread, putting the house together, decorating the house and making individual sugar craft models. The children loved this project and came on so well over the 6 weeks, learning a new skill each time. When we came back after Christmas the children continued to ask to cook – and from that point onwards cookery class has been a permanent feature of our curriculum.

The children are taught numerous skills; sometimes adult initiated other times child initiated. For example we started a bread topic after the children asked “where does bread come from?”

“Tree’s” replied Tallulah, “no animals” replied Ben.

We explored making bread and continued to make pizza dough, sweet bread and savory bread. The children now understand the bread making process and loved the topic.

The children sometimes use cookery class as an opportunity to make themselves snack and sometimes enjoy taking their creations home. Cookery class is every Wednesday afternoon.