cookery snowmen (2)The children at nursery love opportunities to bake. Children have self-access to a cookery area where they are able to create our balance cakes, and have the opportunity to bake other items through their individual topic work.

Cookery is also a big part of our forest school sessions where children learn how to cook on the camp fire.

Items we have learnt how to cook include cakes, biscuits, sugar modelling, bread painting, camp fire pizza’s and the wonderfully requested ‘bacon sarnie’s on the fire’. Our recent bread topic was also was also a huge success; after the children asked “where does bread come from?”

“Tree’s” replied Tallulah, “no animals” replied Ben.

We explored making bread and continued to make pizza dough, sweet bread savoury bread and dampers on the fire. The children now understand the bread making process and loved the topic.