website graduation 2Our Ballet classes at Simba’s Den are extremely popular with the children. The lessons take place every Monday from 10:00 – 11:00. Due to the popularity we have split the group into two classes, the 2-3 year olds participate from 10:00 – 10:30 and the 3+ age group from 10:30 – 11:00.

The lessons run from the old school hall just two doors down from the nursery and are led by Kim and Becki who have worked at nursery since we opened. Kim is a qualified dance teacher who leads numerous ballet and tap dance classes in Corby during the evenings. Becky is a grade 8 qualified dancer who loves teaching the children various positions and dances.

When children start the Ballet classes we focus on lots of fun music and movement listening games. They begin with a small warm up which consists of good toes naughty toes and choosing a colour for an imaginary ball which we throw up, catch and place on different parts of our bodies. We then do a mixture of fun rhymes, balancing and ribbon skills. We also go to pretend worlds, such as the dinosaur world or under the sea, and move to the music playing. When children are ready we begin to introduce positions through fun games such as musical ballet statues.

As children progress through to pre-school ballet they benefit from the same warm up; but it’s slightly longer and includes a short discussion as to why we warm up before dance. Children get used to standing in lines/ stage positions and continue to learn more ballet positions. In addition they learn about other dances; for example when we did our ‘around the world topic’ the children enjoyed researching and learning Spanish and Irish dances.

Children at the end of each session have the opportunity to explore free dance and express themselves to the music played. The pre-school children perform a dance 3 times a year to parents. One at Christmas, one at Easter and one at the end of year Graduation party. The children take these performances as an opportunity to choose their own music and cerograph their own dance.

Ballet is an optional extra-curricular activity.